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 How much does Rhinoplasty in Phoenix ?

Rhinoplasty Widely varies widely due to various factors such as the exact procedure that is being done by the rhinoplasty surgeon. As well where in the country it is being performed. For instance a Revision Rhinoplasty surgery in Phoenix or  Ethnic Rhinoplasty Surgery in Scottsdale. Would likely be more affordable than a rhinoplasty procedure in Beverly Hills. However, on average according to  the American Society of Plastic Surgeons the average cost is $5,350. 


Types of Rhinoplasty Procedures 

There are mainly two types of rhinoplasty surgeries that most procedures can fall into 


Open Rhinoplasty 

Open Rhinoplasty is performed by making a small cut under the nose. between the nostrils. It is often done by rhinoplasty surgeons to do major reshaping of the nose. Due to the increased access a surgeon has to  do the procedure. A small scar will remain from the incision. However if the surgeon is skilled and experienced it will be almost unnoticeable .If you are thinking about getting  open Rhinoplasty  in Phoenix. It would be a great choice you would like extensive work to be done on your nose.


Closed Rhinoplasty 

Closed Rhinoplasty is performed by making a cut inside of the nose. It is a great option for patients who only seek to have minor work done. One advantages of this procedure is the lack of a scar. If you seek to have some minor work done closed Rhinoplasty surgery in phoenix would be a great option.



Non-  Surgical Rhinoplasty

In some cases a patient may not want surgical rhinoplasty surgery.  For any number of valid reasons. Whether it be due to how expensive rhinoplasty surgery can be or the long recovery time. Non-surgical nose jobs can seem really appealing. It is performed by injecting the nose with a filler.Which can smooth out the bridge of the nose, reshape the tip of the nose and other aspects of it. However, results are temporary but it can be a cost effective way to change one’s appearance. If you see to get a non- Surgical Rhinoplasty surgery in Phoenix. It would be a great option instead of surgical rhinoplasty.


Revision Rhinoplasty

Unfortunately patients sometimes have rhinoplasty surgeries they are not happy with. Due to various reason  such as a lack of communication or a lack of experience on part of the Surgeon. Please check out our Best Rhinoplasty in Phoenix article on how to choose a surgeon.

Revision Rhinoplasty can help a patient who has had rhinoplasty in the past but were not satisfied with results. Revision rhinoplasty can help correct problems that may of occured from the initial rhinoplasty procedure such as worsening asymmetry , worsening breathing,  fake looking nose job as well as number of other issues.

Just like a regular rhinoplasty procedure a surgeon can choose either closed or open rhinoplasty. Depending on the desired outcome a surgeon  feels would be best achieved with.

Typically cartilage grafts (portions of cartilage taken from ear rib or septum. Is required because of the lack of cartilage left from the initial rhinoplasty procedure. A skill rhinoplasty surgeon with experience in revision rhinoplasty. Is recommended to lessen the chance of further revision rhinoplasty surgeries in the future. If you had Rhinoplasty in the past and were not satisfied. Consider having Revision Rhinoplasty surgery in Phoenix



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